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2012 Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church
A.M.E. Connectional Lay President A.M.E. Connectional Lay Members Bishop William P. DeVeaux
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"Communication is the MAINSTAY of any civilization!"

We, the members of the Connectional Lay Organization, bring forth and live a ministry of service and witness. Our organization is very similar in make up to the organization of the founding fathers and mothers whose only dream was that of representation and being a part of the governance of the great Zion. We have awakened to a heterogeneous area of service and service related demands.

The Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and our ministry must not just be here for a moment, but we must go beyond the walls of our established circles and comfort zones. This will force us to take a long hard look at our organization and see if we are up to the challenge.

Moving beyond the walls forces us to become global in our thinking, in our mission, in our ministry, and in our witness. We are a church of many believers with diverse needs; we are…. "Laity Fulfilling the Great Commission".


Connectional Lay Organization Adopts New Theme and and Logo for 2013 - 2017

AMECL theme 2013-2017

"Laity Fulfilling The Great Commission"
Scriptural References: Matthew 28:16-20
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AMECL logo34th Biennial Session of the Connectional Lay Organization

August 2 - 6, 2015

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President's Annual Report - Willie C. Glover, PhD

Report: General Board and Council of Bishops Meetings
Date: June 24 – June 26, 2014

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cross and bible Connectional Lay Organization Adopts New Theme for 2013 - 2017

"Laity Fulfilling The Great Commission"

Scriptural References: Matthew 28:16-20

students looking through microscoples A.M.E.C.L. Scholarship Applications

The A.M.E. Connectional Lay Organization offers scholarships to deserving students.

More Information regarding CLO Scholarships will be posted when the scholarship application process begin.

A.M.E.C.L. Constitution and Bylaws

The approved version of the A.M.E.C.L. Constitution and Bylaws is now available online for review.

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Connectional Lay Organization
Disaster Relief Fund

Please be reminded that one dollar ($1.00) from each Lay member is to be collected twice a year for the Connectional Lay Organization's Disaster Relief Fund.

The first collection date is during the month of January by each District. Individuals and Organizations wishing to make additional donations will be accepted at any time during the year.

Please forward your report and money to the CLO Financial Secretary, Richard Bowden, 1908 Vaughn Lane, Montgomery, Alabama 36106.

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